Young girl and boys having sex

Conclusions Our findings have important implications for youth interventions. Young girls are coerced into sexual activities with older men for survival and to access material goods [ 34 , 39 - 42 ]. Eight of the 75 interviewed boys reported that that they had had contacts with a prostitute. Data analysis of the in-depth interviews, FGDs and observations followed grounded theory principles, which allows analytical themes to emerge during the process of re reading transcripts and exploring and coding responses [ 17 ]. Some girls were lured into secluded places such as a boy's cube [separate living quarter for boys], and were forced to have sex:

Young girl and boys having sex

Drug Abuse in Kisumu town Western Kenya. Findings also show that in the sprawling low SES neighbourhoods of urban Kisumu, alcohol use for young people is often synonymous with the locally brewed alcoholic beverages, due to their low price and wide availability. Komba-Malekela B, Liljestrom R. The high number of interviews held and the use of quota sampling ensured that the views of diverse youth both girls and boys, in and out-of-school, in different SES were incorporated. The following themes relating to risky sexual behaviour emerged from the interviews, FGDs and observations and are discussed below: The interviews were held in Luo, Swahili or English by same-sex interviewers, and tape-recorded; they took about 45 minutes to one hour. Legal, Medical, and Social Perspectives. Our study strongly points to female vulnerabilities and the role of men in perpetuating the local epidemic. Finally we give special thanks to the data collection team for their determination, dedication and professionalism that made it possible to collect these data. Brittany Zamora is accused of sexual misconduct with a year-old boy Brittany Zamora pictured with her husband Daniel The mum of the teenager allegedly found explicit messages on his phone Read More Boyfriend in court over death of former Coronation Street star John Michie's daughter at Bestival Police say they found text messages between Zamora and the boy "indicating sexual activity", which allegedly happened both on and off campus. Interventions should promote more positive and safe actions like having respect for women, having one sexual partner, using condoms, and knowing their HIV status. The experience of sexual coercion among young people in Kenya. The contrasting HIV prevalence between boys and girls is a pattern observed in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa [ 4 , 5 ]. Data analysis of the in-depth interviews, FGDs and observations followed grounded theory principles, which allows analytical themes to emerge during the process of re reading transcripts and exploring and coding responses [ 17 ]. Police are investigating after the boy's mother allegedly raised the alarm after reading explicit messages between her son and Brittany Zamora. Girls should be empowered how to negotiate safe sex, and their poverty should be addressed through income-generating activities. To stem HIV in Africa, prevent transmission to young women. Many interviewed youth reported to have had transactional sex. Prevalence and risk factors for sexually transmitted infections in a high-risk occupational group: Socioeconomic disadvantage and unsafe sexual behaviors among young women and men in South Africa. Peer influence was a great motivator for these risk behaviors. The fieldworkers did a dozen of random observations in video halls: Caution is also suggested when generalizing our findings to other settings and populations, because the urban environment may have influenced youth norms regarding sexuality. People consider it as a right and necessity, and part of the tradition, that men have more than one partner [ 27 ]. A study in Kisumu, Kenya and Ndola, Zambia.

Young girl and boys having sex

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  1. It is not surprising therefore that our findings show that male partners force sex, perform gang rape, and have multiple concurrent relationships.

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