Sex slave rules

Do not work yourself to death. While Free Men may not always be right, they are by definition, never wrong. He is to be pleased, and I am to please. The initials are of the Master, Mistress or tavern which owns the slave. All slave nicks begin with a lowercase letter. Surely these things are symbolic as well as beautiful. Her thighs are open and spread widely, and her hands either rest upon her thighs or are crossed behind her back for binding.

Sex slave rules

Penalty Brands are small brands used to mark one as liar, thief or traitor. It parodies the heavy veils worn by Free Women. In between formal training periods, you are to study and internalize these rules and understand their underlying logic. A piece of cloth shaped like an inverted 'T' with a beveled crossbar, it fastens behind the neck. This camisk is worn by slaves in the City of Turia. When possible, you will place yourself at My side. First ObeisanceThe slave assumes Nadu, her thighs widely spread. The above are indications of a slave's status. Collaring or Female Submission In this position the Free Woman submits herself to a man as his slave. Also, slaves are not allowed to touch coins without express authorization from their Master. You will learn whatever positions I want you to use, and will be prepared to take such positions when required by Me to do so. A girl may be commanded to serve in the manner of the she-quadruped, which means she must perform her duties upon hands and knees, without using her hands, silently. Just long enough to cover the slave's bottom, it is held in place at the waist by a piece of chain or binding fiber. Tower This position is a variation upon Nadu. Slaves who entice should be prepared to act upon such actions. Contact Me each day we are apart. It conceals nothing and readily arouses the lust of Masters. Sometimes payment is made to the Owner for the use of the slave. Master or Mistress nicks begin with an uppercase letter. You are allowed no secrets from Me. She crosses her wrists behind her, also crossing her ankles, in preparation for binding. However, you will find unowned slaves in the novels and IRC Gor to be naked because, well If you are not able to verbalize it, you may express it in whatever way suits the circumstances. The Gorean man will accept no compromise on your femininity, not from a slave. While Free Men may not always be right, they are by definition, never wrong. My concern for your total safety includes emotional, psychological, social, sexual, and physical health.

Sex slave rules

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  1. The bars of the 'T' pass between the girl's legs, and are brought forward snuggly at her hips. Other Gorean Slave Positions:

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