Sex problem and marriage

Just test the waters a bit until you both get more comfortable talking about it. Though it may seem formal to schedule in time for sex, this can act as a form of reassurance that you will both make sex a priority. You can work together and be happy together, and if you are both truly dedicated you can alleviate any marriage problems that may arise over time. Consider individual therapy, whether it is with a sex therapist or a general therapist. Try scheduling sex dates on a trial basis for six months. You may not have the same needs.

Sex problem and marriage

Daniel loved his wife and wasn't going to leave her; she was his best friend, fit and attractive, and a good mother to his children, but she was never going to understand what sex meant to him. If we can come together to solve problems, we can be stronger. And talking about it really helps you get to the root to the problem. There is a magical "between" that when balanced makes us happy. Still, it shows one major thing—that many people rely on the help of a mental health professional. Every initiation is step into the no man's land. So, bump the time for intimacy to the top of your list, make it happen and make it happen with quality. Sulking sends energy into that space between you. The same level of inhibitions? You may have experienced some sort of trauma in the marriage and therefore need to talk this through. There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to sex therapy. Look up positions or toys online, or go to a sex shop together and have fun browsing. Of course, that includes all types of issues, including relationship issues. Don't pout if your partner doesn't want to do it again right away since "that was so great! The grit from your teeth will not serve as a good lubricant. When we have easier times, things are just floating along. You may be working through your own personal problems, like body image issues, or psychological issues, and these may then be affecting your relationship with your spouse. But the platinum rule says—love them the way they want to be loved. Bringing up the sexual issues in your marriage will show you are trying to make sex a priority in your relationship, instead of an occasional occurrence. Discuss your desires openly with your partner, try new positions, sex toys and new fantasies. Accept that sometimes your partner makes love to you out of love for you not because they are particularly desirous themselves. I hear this refrain from hundreds of couples every year. Touch your partner several times a day. It will make you a better, more well-rounded person. Agree to charge your cellphones on the kitchen counter and leave your laptops in the living room. I know you've tried everything before and nothing worked.

Sex problem and marriage

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  1. At the very least having the awareness and the desire to try to fix any sex issue is the biggest and most important step. Without the playful, loving companionship, sex becomes another buzz that loses its perspective and that can harm your relationship.

  2. Keep the experimentation fun and light. Try scheduling sex dates on a trial basis for six months.

  3. Tell your spouse that you realize you have both been unhappy with your love life and that you want to try to do something about it. Discuss your desires openly with your partner, try new positions, sex toys and new fantasies.

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