Same sex wedding etiquette

Must we invite him? You might wonder if there's a specific etiquette and set of rules to follow. Alamy One of the most striking differences between same sex marriages and traditional weddings is the creative power the couples have over their big days. If your parents are footing the majority of the wedding bills, you can keep the peace and invite Uncle Mike, even if he's made his anti-gay-marriage views known in the past. Create a seating arrangement with two aisles that meet at the altar: The words are a little tweaked, but it's the same thing. Jenelle Kappe 5 of 11 We're having a same-sex ceremony and are having trouble deciding on the processional order since there's no bride.

Same sex wedding etiquette

Dividing the seating into three sections, separated by two aisles, allows you each a path to the altar. As the saying goes, you can't please all of the people all of the time. Do something that reflects you and your values. Be sure to listen to how two men or two women are referring to each other, and follow suit. The default is "husbands" and "wives. What's a good way to make sure vendors are okay doing a gay wedding? It takes a little getting used to, as do these monikers: I have seen that there is great pleasure and a statement made when using language like that. Today, many couples of all stripes are footing the bill themselves. Gender-neutral wedding registries are something same-sex couples now can take advantage of much easier than before. However, family pressure may win out. Do I have to invite unsupportive family just because my parents say so? Getty "Usually, we find that same-sex couples spend the night before their wedding together rather than apart," says Hugh Wright. While it typically benefits the wealthier spouse, a pre-nup can help navigate tax waters in case of a divorce. When marriage became legal in their state they kind of jumped at the chance and got married. You might wonder if there's a specific etiquette and set of rules to follow. Just keep in mind: As a couple, are you obligated to invite family members who've spoken out against gay marriage in the past? They were closely followed by hundreds more couples in England; later the same year, Scotland followed suit by introducing new legislature. How do we arrange the processional? Who gives away the bride when there is none? How you want to address this when there are two brides or two grooms depends on personal taste. How much are parents or relatives willing to contribute? Well we've got answers You could even roll a brief slideshow during cocktail hour complete with pictures, video clips filmed by a friend or professional , and audio from either the ceremony itself or you and your partner's reactions after exchanging "I do"s. Come up with a totally different last name and both take it. This is a question all couples face, not just gay ones.

Same sex wedding etiquette

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  1. They're one set of friends. Show off your new union to the world by making your last name match your partner's.

  2. Many couples these days, regardless of gender, are opting to pen their own words. What's a good way to make sure vendors are okay doing a gay wedding?

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