Muslim sex education

It is well-known that teaching what is called sex education in the West has become an obsession and madness, and it has become their main concern. Haffajee explains that more and more schools will be decentralized and will have more power at the PTA level, for instance. Not all young people will experience this, but for those who do so, the experience can be overwhelming, embarrassing, and confusing, and it can end up leaving them guilt ridden. The Islamic republic of Pakistan has the dubious honour of taking first place, followed by the largest Arab country in the world Egypt in second place. Although common notions of adolescence encourage you to explore and to experiment with your sexuality, there is nothing within Islamic teachings that even remotely tolerates premarital sexual relations of any kind. We have discussed this previously; please see the answer to question no.

Muslim sex education

To keep yourself physically clean is an obligation, to work is an obligation, to refrain from lying or the consumption of alcohol is an obligation; there are no less than the obligations of maintaining honor and chastity and performing prayer. Parents should build a good relationship with their kids Proper sex education can only be given if the correct messages are being sent explicitly and implicitly by parents. At the age of 12 or 13, a parent can introduce the topic of menstruation, and by that point, he will be able to make the connection. Well, let's face it: Natural, Enjoyable, and Worthy of Reward After being chaste throughout your unmarried life, here's what you have to look forward to: Pinterest Google I was browsing through a report I had found in the dusty library of the human rights studies centre where I was interning at, in Amman, Jordan. And I am the big brother assigned the challenging task of talking to you about it, to spare you the awkwardness of having to send your own questions to the Cyber Counseling section. Verily Allah is not shy of telling you the truth. Islam the Natural Way. The Qur'an similarly presents such issues in a frank though dignified manner, such as the verses which address the menstrual cycle, commonly referred to as a woman's period. In fact, Prophet Muhammad particularly addressed the stage of life when young, unmarried people have intense sexual desires but cannot satisfy them because doing so without being married would mean committing the sin of fornication. And Allah knows best. It is important therefore that you put aside what you think you know so far because you are in for a real surprise. Conception and misconception Sex is taboo in modern day Muslim society. A leading adolescent health expert, Professor Susan Sawyer, said the rising rates of sexually transmitted infections among under year-olds, could soon reach levels found in the US. School boards run all the schools in one district. However, getting someone else to talk to them or giving them a book is not the end of the story. And if our children see us doing it why shouldn't they as well? So rather than pretending that Muslims do not care about those topics or that Muslims are not supposed to talk about them, Youth 4 the Future wants to tackle the topic to help you navigate your teenage years in a healthy manner. However, times have changed and so has the conception of sexuality in the Muslim world. For example, by the age of six or seven, a child must know how to clean him or herself after using the toilet. Another way topics of a sexual nature can be introduced is while the child is reading the Quran. Islamic scholars agree that masturbation is frowned upon in Islam but a minority of such scholars allow for the possibility that a young person might turn to masturbation infrequently if only to avoid engaging in outright sin through fornication. According to Islamic teachings, sexual intimacy with your spouse is not only considered natural and guilt-free but also is meant to be enjoyable by both husband and wife, and sexual relations between spouses are worthy of reward! According to this hadith, three men were on a journey and spent the night in a cave only to find that a big rock had rolled down the mountain and blocked the entrance.

Muslim sex education

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  1. Well, get over the shock and start to appreciate what these teachings have to do with your life. You do not know what happened, why it happened to you, if others ever experience this, and how you are supposed to clean yourself up afterwards!

  2. When puberty approaches, children should be taught the signs of puberty and the characteristics which distinguish men from women, and the types of discharge that may be emitted from the front passage of both sexes.

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