Fired up unrated sex scenes

Source flaws also failed to create any distractions. I felt pleased with this consistently fine transfer. The discussion of drug use by a college-aged student and some other drug references are included in the script. A predictable story, lots of lame gags, and two lead actors who graduated from high school many years ago. Numerous, negative jokes are aimed at homosexual characters. The parents' guide to what's in this movie. There's enthusiastic kissing and passionate embracing throughout.

Fired up unrated sex scenes

And though it momentarily tries to redeem these two hormone-driven boys by having them show a spark of maturity, it will take more than that Hail Mary pass to save Fired Up! Gluck also points out Roger Ebert 's and the New York Times 's negative reviews specifically, as well as a mention of the Washington Post. Filming locations[ edit ] Taking place in Illinois, almost all of the filming shots of the high school in the film were taken at South Pasadena High School in Not that the script gives the actors much with which they can work. The cheerleader camp was filmed at Occidental College , which incidentally also has the tiger as a mascot. Touted as unrated, it earns that status via a flurry of profanity in its opening minute. We get a loose tone and a lot of joking but also learn a fair amount about the production. Home Video The most recent home video release of Fired Up! While usually subdued, it managed to open up acceptably for cheerleading scenes. Teens go swimming in underwear, one boy skinny dips. The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Occasional wide shots a little iffy, but those were infrequent. Violence Several punches to the face; football hits during a game; cheerleaders fall and hit the ground hard during practices -- no injuries. A lot or a little? And within minutes of their arrival, the two boys are already trying to hook up. They also perform a cheer for the camp director while naked. Next we find some featurettes. All of the above is played for comic effect and portrayed in a lighthearted manner. Related home video titles: Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. How do these portrayals further negative stereotypes about teens? Same-sex female kissing in two scenes, and some gay and lesbian fondling. A few ads open the disc. An unrated version was also released containing non-censored profanity and brief nudity not seen in the theatrical cut. Expect to find even more adult content in the unrated DVD. The DVD offers very good picture along with decent audio and extras highlighted by a surprisingly strong commentary. Rather, Nick and Shawn find themselves on the bus, headed for their version of heaven on earth.

Fired up unrated sex scenes

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  1. Speech was concise and natural, with no edginess or other distractions. There's no frontal nudity or bare breasts, but naked boys are seen from many angles on several occasions.

  2. Source flaws also failed to create any distractions. Music showed nice life and vivacity, while effects were clean and reasonably accurate.

  3. Consumerism Significant references to Staples Office Products are used to parody the concept of product placement in sports.

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