Bisexual slang

Femme — An individual of any assigned sex who identifies with femininity as dictated by traditional gender roles. A reclaimed word that was formerly used solely as a slur but that has been reclaimed by some folks in the LGBTQ community. An umbrella term used to describe those who were assigned male at birth AMAB , but identify as more female than male. Many people attribute this event as the catalyst for the American Gay Liberation Movement, although there were previous riots and actions against homophobic and transphobic oppression. LGBTQ — A common abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning people.

Bisexual slang

If you would like to offer any additions, corrections, or disputes about these definitions, please contact us at lbgtrc msu. Gender Variance GV — Cultural expressions of multiple genders i. Believes that heterosexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are social justice issues. Monosexism causes bisexual erasure, discrimination against bisexual people, social isolation and poor mental health of bisexual people. Many people attribute this event as the catalyst for the American Gay Liberation Movement, although there were previous riots and actions against homophobic and transphobic oppression. Genderqueer — An individual whose gender identity is neither male nor female, is between or beyond genders, or is some combination of genders. Identity Sphere — The idea that gender identities and expressions do not fit on a linear scale, but rather on a sphere that allows room for all expression without weighting any one expression as better or more important than another. Cisgender Privilege — The set of privileges conferred to people who are cisgender some of which are conferred conditionally to transgender people who are perceived to be cisgender. Homophobia — Direct negative attitudes toward and unfair treatment of people who identify or are perceived as non-heterosexual, including the fear of being read as part of the LGBT community. Dominant in bed, but receives rather than gives Spaghetti Someone who is straight until in a sexual situation with the same sex David Japanese[ edit ] Although many slang words used in modern Japan are " loanwords " from American English, many native Japanese slang words remain in Japan's LGBT community such as the term "okoge", which serves the same purpose of the English slang word, " fag hag " — a "woman whose friends are mostly homosexual men". In the context of LGBT slang, it is a term for a more masculine, "tough guy" homosexual. Stealth — This term refers to when a person chooses to be secretive in the public sphere about their gender history, either after transitioning or while successfully passing as a cisgender person of their gender. Cisgender — someone who feels comfortable with the gender identity assigned to them based on their physical sex. In most states, one or multiple surgeries are required to achieve legal recognition of gender status. Gender Non Conforming — A person who either by nature or by choice does not conform to gender-based expectations of society e. Sometimes reclaimed by gay men as a self-identifier. An AMAB person who identifies as trans and to some degree identifies with femaleness or womanhood, but does not identify completely or solely as a woman. A general term for gay men and lesbians. Trans Man — A man who was assigned female at birth. Heterosexual Privilege — Those benefits conferred to heterosexual people some of which are conferred conditionally to others who are perceived as heterosexual or claim a heterosexual identity that are denied to people of other sexual orientations. This term is sometimes used as a sexual orientation label or gender identity label used to denote a non-heterosexual or cisgender identity without have to define specifics. Queer The word " queer " has long been a slur against homosexuals, transgender people, and anyone who does not fit into society's standards of gender and sexuality. Homophobic behavior can range from telling gay jokes, to verbal abuse, to acts of physical violence. Unexpectedly, the patrons resisted, and the incident escalated into a riot that continued for several days. Aro — a short, slang version of aromantic. A person who identifies themselves as masculine, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally 2.

Bisexual slang

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  1. Transgender — A person who identifies witha gender other than that the gender they were assigned at birth. It is used to express the active, social search for one or more sexual partners.

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