Berlin sex guide

A beautiful synagogue that was bombed during WWII and renovated. Look Awesome, Do Awesome! This sounds like a trial by fire. Food in Berlin There are thousands of bars, cafes, and restaurants in Berlin, but many of these are expensive. The basement is, well, pretty freaky. Active Roots hippy trousers are chic, comfortable and perfect for yogis, backpackers and adventurers alike. They have a lot of live music there. There is a massive flea market every Sunday and every other Sunday there is a park-wide Karaoke contest!

Berlin sex guide

Longest existing stretch of the Berlin Wall. The dilapidated house nearest the road is inhabited by an old homeless dude, who luckily is friendly. Spreepark Officially one of the scariest places I have ever been, I do not recommend going at night even though that is exactly what I did. Check out this post for even more ideas for urban exploration in Berlin. Click here and your first three rides are discounted plus my next ride will be too — cheers! The basement is, well, pretty freaky. Come here to push your sexual boundaries what!? If you go to one abandoned building in Berlin, make it this one. Teufelsburg Fortress A good hour or so outside of Berlin but well worth the visit. Transportation in Berlin You can get to Berlin by direct flights from most major European cities or and the city also has fantastic rail links with mainland Europe. This is an abandoned theme park, complete with terrifying decaying rides, beasts, and a large family of monster-racoons which live on site. The Institut for Anatomie Another large hospital that is very easy to break into, you just go through a small hole in the fence and then you are in. Famed throughout Berlin for odd cocktails. A tiny hole-in-the-wall bar owned by a co-op with cheap beer and a really cozy atmosphere. Pretty fucking awesome right? Kind of overrated in my opinion but there are some cool street musicians hanging out here. A chilled, yet crowded, bar well worth finding. There are guards and there are dogs — be fucking careful and do not go alone. I purposefully stayed in a hostel with a kitchen so I could cook my own food. Every 10 years they hire an artist to paint new murals. If you are into real exploring and graffiti, definitely have a crack at some urban exploring. Book Your Berlin Hostel Here! Konigin Elisabeth Hospital The first place I checked out in Berlin and a relatively safe introduction to urban exploring. You can buy a ticket which entitles you to all day travel for around seven euros. However, I reckon it will forever be pretty easy to sneak in…. I met a German gal who had been there the night before.

Berlin sex guide

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  1. They will, for a fee, take you around on a tour of the facility. Halloween themed all year around.

  2. This abandoned military installation has since been colonized by a bunch of hippie-dippy arty types who do not particularly enjoy sharing this admittedly very cool spot. I walked around the perimeter until I found a hole in the very patched up fence.

  3. A chilled, yet crowded, bar well worth finding. Berlin is a great place to go on a free walking tour … Checkpoint Charlie:

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